Diamond tool

алмазный инструмент baumesser

“DiamantWerk” Company from Ukraine has enlarged the quantity of diamond tools brands with the trade mark “Baumesser” that could be a competitive on price with any “no name” company, and to win mass consumers with good adequate quality.  From the moment of its arrival to the diamond tools market, TD “Baumesser” has recommended itself as a quality product that is affordable to anyone due to its reasonable price.
The success is behind a concept to manufacture quality products at minimal prices. It is not only a slogan, “Baumesser” products are really in more attractive category that the nearest competitors.  Price reduction is achieved due to branch companies’ location in different places of world.
The products range of the trade mark is oriented first of all on the satisfaction of consumers who use diamond tools in household works.
A diamond tool should be effective on its performing abilities, as well as on economic point. Being a leader in the relation ‘price-quality’, the diamond tools of TM “Baumesser” let you reduce to minimum material processing cost per unit.
Cutting, grinding, polishing, and drilling. Be effective with “ Baumesser”.


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